Child Ariel Costume

Little Mermaid II Costume

A cute and easy little mermaid costume that was homemade, including the wig!


What you’ll need

  • Red felt for wig
  • Turquoise felt for flower
  • Skin-colored shirt
  • Purple felt for shell bra
  • Shiny green fabric for fin
  • Green tulle for flippers

How to make it

  1. To make the wig, get a large doll or stuffed animal about the size of your child’s head. Place an old cap or a new one made from material over the head. Cut pieces of the red felt and hot glue to cap to create a red wig.
  2. Cut shiny green material into the shape of a tail or skirt and sew to bottom of shirt to create a “dress.”
  3. Sew tulle around top of fin.
  4. Take a piece of tulle and gather one end to create a flipper and sew it to the bottom fin. Repeat.
  5. Cut out two shell bra pieces from the purple felt and hot glue to shirt.
  6. Embellish as desired. Your Little Mermaid is ready!

Ariel Costume

Little Mermaid Costume

Stretchy swimsuit liner material was used to create the upper body to look like bare skin. Attached is a bra like swimsuit top, sewn to look like shells and padded with quilt batting. The long tail also has quilt batting in it at the bottom and in the pink tail fin. About half way down the tail there is a slit up the back making the top half of the the long tail more like a skirt so she can walk, then the rest of the tail can be swooped up and carried on one arm off to the side. (It has a strap attactched for her to carry it around.) The only thing in the costume that wasn’t hand sewn was the reddish/orange wig.

by punky2507 from Cedar Rapids, IA

What you’ll need

  • Stretchy beige swimsuit liner
  • Satin hot pink material for tail fin and back of swim bra strap
  • Blue cotton material for tail and bra
  • Quilt batting
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • A lot of patience

How to make it

  1. No pattern! I just had my daughter lay down on the reverse side of some wrapping paper, drew around her and the cut out the shape and created my own pattern.
  2. The tail was simply sewing a tube of material as it tapered to the end, attaching the fin that I had sewn separately.
  3. I hand-sewed the little bra cups to look like shell shapes, and then attached them to the skin-like shirt (a basic long sleeve shirt to keep her warm and to look like it was her skin).
  4. The wig was a real Disney Little Mermaid wig bought at a costume shop.

Flounder Photo Frame


Show off your favorite beach vacation memories in a photo frame decorated with Flounder, Ariel’s closest friend!

You’ll need:

  • Flounder Frame Template
  • Balsa wood craft frame, 6″ x 5″ (available at craft stores)
  • 2.5″ wooden craft circle (available at craft stores)
  • Acrylic paint — blue, yellow, white, black, and pink
  • Seashells (collected from the beach or found at craft stores)
  • Blue craft foam
  • Glitter
  • Low temperature glue gun
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors


1. Before you get started, protect your surface with newspaper.
2. Paint the balsa wood frame blue and the wooden craft circle yellow. Set aside to dry.
3. Wash your seashells; once they’ve dried, paint them. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle them with glitter and set them aside to dry.
4. Once the yellow circle is dry you can draw or paint Flounder’s face. Give him a half circle for his nose, a crescent-shaped mouth, and two round eyes. Let the paint dry between applications, as you layer on details like pupils and eyebrows.
5. Paint on Flounder’s iconic blue stripes and his pectoral (side) fin, then let the paint dry.
6. While Flounder dries, print the fin templates, cut them out, and trace them on the craft foam.
7. Place a thin line of hot glue along the top edge of Flounder’s body. Glue the inside rim of the craft foam dorsal fin to the circle. Use the same technique to glue on Flounder’s back fin.
8. Use hot glue to attach the glittered shells to the frame, then glue Flounder to the lower right hand corner.

9. Place a picture of your favorite beach memory in the opening of the frame. Use tape to hold the photo in place.